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Why Choose Us?

The 3 reasons why you should choose Oakes Opticians.

Niche Eyewear

Are you tired of seeing the same boring old frames in every high street opticians? Here we travel the globe to find you exclusive, individual and different eyewear that will get you excited about glasses! High quality glasses that are not common and not worn by the masses.

Professional Experts

Have you had a bad experience at an opticians? Uncomfortable glasses? Glasses that you can’t see through? Here you will be seen by professional experts. You will have a longer appointment for a thorough eye examination and ample time for our experts to find the right glasses for you!

Personal Service

Do you feel you are on a rapid conveyor belt system? Just the next ‘number’ and forgotten 5 minutes later? Here you will be seen by warm friendly genuine people that will take the time to answer your questions; get to know your requirements and most importantly get to know you!

Our mission is to be the best Opticians in Huddersfield

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